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Delphi's TFileAttribute is completey different on Windows and MacOS as the filesystems differ in especially in [file permissions]( One could check
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With Firemonkey 2 (FM²) which was introduced with Delphi XE3 the global variable Platform was refactured to a kind of service registry. You acquire a specific service which may or may not be available
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This property is gone. Without any replacement. It is mentioned under "deleted properties" in XE4's release notes, but there doesn't seem any way to restore this behaviour for a TScrollBox. Maybe one
Firemonkey 2 (FM²) introduced a new property called StyledSettings in TTextControl which is a set and defaults to ssFamily, ssSize, ssFontColor. TLabel inherits from TTextControl and makes
Until Delphi XE4 the meaning of Padding and Margins was reversed. With the new version they simply changed the behaviour. Now they work as expected, but they don't provide any converter. This means: y
When you install Delphi XE4/XE5/XE6 Pro the Mobile Add-On Pack won't get installed. After normal install you have to restart the setup. Either via start menu ("Embarcadero Rad Studio XE4 / Modify, Rep
A crashing unit test notified me that there is something wrong with TPerlRegEx in Delphi XE4. I used MatchedOffset but it returns always one lower than it did with XE3 (Plattform is Windows with Firem